Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gorgeous Tater

A very wonderful lady and artist made a gorgeous set 
with Tater as a model.
Both the head and the full body art and 
turned them into tubes to be made into tags.
They came out so gorgeous and she captured
each and every detail of our little girl Pekingese.
The wispy foot hair, the bushy tail, 
even the one ear up, one ear down that is so
Special thanks to Sally Gilroy for this wonderful gift.
If you would like to see more of her artwork 
 please visit her blog HERE

I made these tags using a really pretty FTU kit 
from Lina's Designz called Little China Girl
and it had the perfect foo dogs (Lion dogs) and papers
I also used a template from
The heart on the template was just right
for the back of the images. 
I hope you like these and I made a Hugs extra
 if anyone would like one. 


  1. What awesome tags MJ! Perfect little model too :)You're very welcome!
    Hugs Sally

  2. You're just lucky she didn't have to sit still for you and